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End Of The World

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TSO End Of The World Event
An obscure group of Mayan priests prophesied the end of the world before the end of the year 2012, you will have to gather all your military forces to defeat them all, all servers will have to work together to stop our impending fate.


• Start of the event: 10th of December
• End of the event: 19th of December
• Rewards (approx.): 21st of December (this might change)



Each game world will need to complete the special adventure as many times as posible in order to save the world.
The required amount of adventures to be completed depends on the number of active players on each specific realm. This will encourage all game worlds to have the same fighting chance, success will depend on your cooperation instead of how large your server is.
The countdown for all the completed adventures will start on Monday after the game world restart!


All active players will receive rewards. Rewards will vary depending on your game world’s performance:

a. 100% Trophy (bronze), 75 Gems, 5 Marble refills.

b. 150% Trophy (silver), 125 Gems, Artesian Well, The Nords, 5 Fruit baskets, 5 Iron refills.

c. 200% Trophy (gold), 250 Gems, Artesian Well, Packed Wheatfield, The Nords, 10x Mother Tree Ritual.

Example: If at the end of the event, your game world managed to reach 155%, all active players will receive: Trophy (silver), 125 Gems, Well, The Nords, 5 Fruit baskets and 5 Iron refills.

Let's also mention that there will be a competition between all game worlds (On an International Level).

The winners of these two additional goals will earn extra rewards.

1. Reward for being the first game world to reach 100%.

The first realm that reaches 100% will receive (all active players): 500 Gems, Pirate residence, Watermill, Silo, The Nords.

2. At the end of the event, the server that reached the highest percentage will receive (all active players): 500 Gems, Pirate residence, Watermill, Silo, The Nords.

Please keep in mind that all rewards will be sent out after the event is finished! We will provide you the date in due time.

We will update you on the progress of each game world on a daily basis.


In order to start this event we will need to perform a few tasks, which requires a short downtime. We will send an in game message to all players currently on at that time. Part of this will involve activating the "counter" and implementing additional adventures, this means that all servers will need to be restarted. This has to be done worldwide and is quite time consuming. In order to reduce these downtimes, we will close and open the game worlds one by one.
Although some game worlds will be able to start earlier than others, the allotted amount of time counted will be the same on all game worlds. This way, there won’t be any unfair advantages. We will be tracking starting times, durations and end times.


The New Adventure

The new Adventure takes the player back in time on his own island, to a time before his own settlement, when a ferocious Mayan-like cult inhabited the island. He has to cast out all the enemies to prevent them from cursing the world and conjuring the apocalypse on 21.12.2012.

The minimum requirement for this adventure is level 26 .

All players that have been active during the last 30 days will receive an in game message on Monday after the server restart (activation of the event). Level 26+ Players will receive the adventure; Llevel 1-25 players will get 60 map fragments.

-The adventure can be found with your explorer.
-It is also available in the shop for 60 map fragments or 75 gems.
-The special adventure is tradable .
-The adventure can be played as many times as you want.

New Units

The event will introduce three special units that will occupy the island:
The Tribesman

A fighter with ornate war painting and piercings.
The Shaman

A ranged fighter that casts curses and spells, wearing an intimidating totem-like headdress.
The Jaguar Warrior

An elite warrior that attacks multiple foes at once and wears a jaguar helmet with a feather crest.

New Colour scheme

The adventure map will use a different colour scheme to illustrate the doomsday theme.

Adventure Rewards

Every time a player finishes the adventure, he will receive rewards: XP and some items.
In addition to that, there will be event rewards for the entire game world. (See above)

Event Rewards

The items awarded to all players of a successful game world:

The Mayan Calendar Trophy

A neat souvenir, proving that the player participated in averting doomsday.
Three versions of the cult piece, depending on the goal reached by the game world.
(It will return to Star Menu upon demolition.)

There are gold, silver and bronze variations of the Trophy

The Mother Tree Ritual

A new productivity buff, to be used on workshops, 300% output for 20 hours.

Pirate Residence

A residence building is the equivalent to the Noble Residence: 50 Settlers, 5 Upgrade Levels (graphics do not change!), returns to Star Menu upon demolition.


Produces water out of nothing.


Refills wheat fields.

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15 Sep 14 : 15:19
I just want to inform you that the mapfile of Dealer of Death was replaced. There should be no language mistakes in the map now due to paradox. Thanks

18 Aug 14 : 21:32
The Easter Realm Editor is in the extra1/bin Directory not in base/bin (<-- there you can find the rise of an empire editor)

03 Jun 14 : 19:21
Hi mukeys it ill be in your program files - something like: Program Files / Ubisoft / The Settlers - Rise of an Empire / base / bin / S6MapEditor

01 Jun 14 : 05:05
Please can anyone help I can't find the easter realm map editor.

03 Mar 14 : 22:15
Continental Blockade V3 by Gitti1962 now uploaded. Still in original download post, feel free to download and overwrite your saved map file.

16 Feb 14 : 08:30
Nomolos is a She Smiles No Matter least You found them

16 Feb 14 : 00:15
Thanks jimmy_one, I did find a few of his maps and more now I searched his work on the search tool

15 Feb 14 : 12:30
Nomolos has Made loads thouse Maps look around

13 Feb 14 : 11:58
Heya, any good maps for Eastern Realm you can recommend? I prefer mostly free settlement, in large or XL maps with Mild or Warm climate.

06 Feb 14 : 03:43
Indeed,these guys are the best:)